Hi there, I am Nic, a computational biologist.
When I’m not wrangling data sets, I’m passionate about open science, data visualization, teaching, scientific communication, & web design.

I'm currently working on various projects ranging from synthetically enginerred organisms that are able to produce high value compounts or regulate their metabolism through a circadian clock. Furthermore, I'm studying the evolution of circadian clocks using digital organisms and reinforment learning. If you're interested and wnat to learn more about a single project, please don't hesitate to contact me.

All of my code that I write for my research projects, classes or side projects are hosted on github. There you'll find among others an on going project about a small python package that aims at helping computational biologist to perform a reciprocal BLAST.

Beside my research project, I also enjoy teaching. I'm currently teaching a introductory class for biologist who want to learn more about programming and data analysis. This will be a starting point for a new class I'm developing that will teach interested people about data intensive science, programming, data analysis, and reproducibility. I'm also starting a study group together with the Mozilla Science Lab.

Scientific communication and the establishment of open science prinicples in the scientific process is of special importance for me. I believe that open science is the only and right way for a responsible scientific discourse. I try to promote fellow young researchers and others who are interested in opening up their research. Part of that are conference, workshops, or talks I'm organising such as the Young Investigator Symposium on Cyanobacteria.